(a) has twice less layers of the chip than our other models.

(b) has either the GENERIC or INDIVIDUAL biohologram of a healthy human in the chip, being encoded via laser onto the chip on nano level.

(c) BASIC TESLA PSI-GENERATOR has both sides of the casing for the chip made of Real Solid Pearl.

(d) BASIC-X TESLA PSI-GENERATOR has one side of the casing for the chip made of Real Solid Pearl, and another side of casing made of 3D printing plastic, encoded with the immune system rejuvenation E-DRUG (BIOELECTRONIC DRUG / DIGITIZED BIOHOLOGRAM). This makes "TWO-CHIPS IN ONE" solution.


  • Strengthen the immune system and your body’s resistance to infectious diseases and toxins
  • Improve performance and cognitive abilities, including, sharpness of thinking memory, analytical speed and overall quality of life
  • Protect against stress factors of any nature (technogenic, including, electromagnetic, as well as physical and psychic)
  • Speed up recovery and healing
  • Are unique in the prevention of many diseases
  • Improve sleep
  • increase motor activity
  • Shield against radiation
  • Protect against 5G
  • Offer the Ultimate” protection against psychotronic warfare

Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators are highly recommended for people who are in stressful situations such as sportsmen, businessmen, professionals with busy schedules and people who fly frequently.

All our models of TESLA PSI-GENERATORS (chip) come with a separate flash drive with the complete DIGITAL PHARMACY software program for every essential bodily organ and physiological system (PSI-PROGRAM) to run on your computer in order to generate E-DRUGS / BIOELECTRONIC DRUGS (aka wave matrices / bioholograms) for every health condition.

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