The device is the paradigmatic device for the personalized, addressed and preventive treatment. The technology is based upon recording client's Holographic Signal, for example, from his saliva or mucus, and, then, reversing or inverting this signal. The inverted signal is, after this, applied to water for treatment. This principle is used very successfully for a long time in Russia, and device is proven to be very efficient. The client can make his or her own therapeutic substance in the privacy of their homes. 

This device is very important since the Wuhan Coronavirus is a single strand RNA virus. The only way to fight it is to create its negative invert via the scalar wave. In the scalar wave, the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave, when it is reflected back upon itself.

Bill Gates had created the machine for the «vaccine» injection «Cellectra». Its design is wrong and destructive. It is analogous to electrophoresis used for destroying DNA for making GMO (sterile biological organisms). The machine consists of two electrodes for one-way induced electrical current. In principle, there should be FOUR electrodes. And the two anti-parallel currents in a scalar way, or the other way for inverting the signal of the virus. It should be even better if electrodes will be shaped as induction coils. 

Because the Wuhan Coronavirus is a single strand wave structure, analogous to the spiral antennae, the Wuhan virus is incurable by any chemical substance, analogous to the Lyme disease, caused by the spirochete (single spiral antennae) bacteria; and analogous to the HIV retrovirus, which components are artificially inserted into the Wuhan Coronavirus. This is, in fact, already confirmed by the Chinese biologists. The Wuhan Coronavirus returns to the cured patients. Chinese claim that no immunity can be produced to the Wuhan Coronavirus. This means that no vaccine can be produced. Moreover, the "maybe"-vaccine will be disseminating the virus instead of protecting from the virus.


That is why the RA-SHIELD is the device that has crucial importance in fighting the global pandemic.


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