The protective device TESLA SCREEN is a thin plate (thickness 0,2 millimeters) and a size of 82 to 21 mm. It is manufactured by the methods of true nanotechnology. The substrate is coated with an atomic layer by special tools. The principle of operation is that the device reflects a non-ionizing microleptonic radiation and it fades in the mobile phone. Electromagnetic radiation, which provides communication, does not change its parameters. Clinical trials have proven that the efficiency of the device is up to 98 percent.

TESLA SCREEN is a thin piece of special material, coded by the true nano technology of Polarized Bioholography, which you put on your phone under phone's cover.

TESLA SCREEN is produced by WAVE GENOME in collaboration with the group of scientists in Russia, headed by the General of Rocket Forces, Ph.D., heir of the Russian celebrity scientist A. F. Ohatrin A. F., who was killed by American Military Industrial Complex for refusing to work for them.

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