(a) has twice as more layers of the chip than the BASIC MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR.

(b) has either GENERIC or INDIVIDUAL biohologram.

(c) Both sides of the casing for the chip are made of Real Solid Pearl.


  • Strengthen the immune system and your body’s resistance to infectious diseases and toxins
  • Improve performance and cognitive abilities, including, sharpness of thinking memory, analytical speed and overall quality of life
  • Protect against stress factors of any nature (technogenic, including, electromagnetic, as well as physical and psychic)
  • Speed up recovery and healing
  • Are unique in the prevention of many diseases
  • Improve sleep
  • increase motor activity
  • Shield against radiation
  • Protect against 5G
  • Offer the Ultimate” protection against psychotronic warfare

Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators are highly recommended for people who are in stressful situations such as sportsmen, businessmen, professionals with busy schedules and people who fly frequently.

All our models of TESLA PSI-GENERATORS (chip) come with a separate flash drive with the complete DIGITAL PHARMACY software program for every essential bodily organ and physiological system (PSI-PROGRAM) to run on your computer in order to generate E-DRUGS / BIOELECTRONIC DRUGS (aka wave matrices / bioholograms) for every health condition.

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